Monday, January 25, 2010

Recycling with love

Growing up in an Indian culture, recycling and reusing became such an integral part of growing up. We are known to turn jam jars, pasta bottles, and milk bottles into ideal food storage containers. Old clothes are cut up and stitched into soft comforters. Coffee grinds are used to enhance the colour of henna on our palms and strained tea leaves are added to the soil of potted roses, nurturing them.

It is with this same idea in mind that I thought the Paper Pals Challenge (PPA26) - Anything BUT a Card, would be a great way to add a little love to the Sunsweet Ones Pitted Prunes container. (By the way, if you haven't tried these already, run to the store right now and get them. They are absolutely delicious and my preschooler eats them like candy!!). Since I'm still fairly new to the world of stamping, I've been mostly making cards, but this was a great way to think outside the box (literally!!).

I decided to keep it very simple since the card stock was so pretty and I didn't really want to take away from it. Plus, I will confess that it was a little challenging for me because of the curved nature of the container:). I decorated the top as well, keeping it simple again.

Not sure if you can read the words around the heart, but it's one of my favourite SU stamps. I'm still uncertain who the recipient of this container would be. Would love to give it to the husband, filled with candy, but knowing him, he might finish it all in one night, and that would not bode well with his tummy!! Will sleep over it. Namaste!!

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  1. Great way to recycle for sure! Sweet design - thanks for playing @PPA!