Saturday, January 30, 2010

My little artist in the making!

I have to brag a little about my almost 4 year old son. He helped me make this card for our friend's son's first birthday today. I helped him stamp the image, and he did such a great job with the colouring. He's not the best in his preschool class when it comes to colouring images. In fact, most of the time, it looks like something run over by a truck!! But this.....this was definitely a work of art!!

(Please note how he's managed to colour "inside the lines"!!!)

And now, moving onto my blog entries.... (Gosh, I sound like the host of a shopping network!!). 

The PPA27 Snowflake Challenge made me pull out my SU Snowflake stamp and coordinating sentiment after a long time. As usual, I just jumped into the process without a sketch in mind, and initially came up with a card, that was really unsatisfactory. And then, while I was patting my little one to sleep, I actually pictured what I wanted on my card. I guess, sometimes just sitting in the dark with my eyes closed is what I need to do for inspiration! 

I know it's not the most unique card, but it looked better than the first one. 

I'm amazed at the multitude of talented stampers and crafters (if there is such a word!) out there!! Each time, I click on a link, it takes me to someone's blog that has a "wow" factor. I never imagine being a part of an online community that is so vibrant and creative. Thank you all for allowing and inspiring me to discover myself!! Namaste!!


  1. I really like your choice of colors and your concept! The scallop trim border is a beautiful touch! Thanks for playing @ PPA!

  2. This snowflake card is lovely - love the touch of brown! Thanks for playing @PPA!