Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Pretty Simple

Sticking with the "less is more" resolution, I was thrilled at how this card turned out for the Play Date Cafe Challenge (PDCC13).

It took me a while to cut out the flowers and I'm hoping I find a punch for that stamp soon. But I love the final outcome. I'm still working on trying to get a better pic of my projects. Honestly, I didn't have a particular occasion in mind when I chose the sticker sentiment, but somehow, it just seemed to fit in with the flowers and the colours. I'm thinking this card would be great with different coloured hearts instead of the flowers as well. Will give it a try for a red heart challenge.

My son and I have been making birthday cards for all his friends. It not only keeps him busy but is allowing him to explore his creative side. He loves playing with his little stamp set of animals and flowers, and "writing" with his sticky letters. I wonder if my 19 month old will join us soon. I have a strange feeling, he might end up seeing how far he can toss the stamps, instead of using them for their real purpose!! Got to love their different personalities, huh!! Got to run now and get lunch ready. Namaste!!!

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  1. Really nice job cutting out those flowers! I'm like you...cutting by hand is hard but SO worth it! Great job on the challege for the PDCC!

    Hope you will take a moment and stop by to say hi over at The Open Window....all kinds of inspiration for spring : )