Sunday, January 31, 2010

Dream a little dream

My ultimate dream is to have one room in my home dedicated entirely to my stamping and crafting. Everything neatly labeled and organised, within arm's reach. Stamps and accessories for every occasion. Sigh!! I have a huge smile on my face right now, just thinking about that. And then of course, the picture wouldn't be complete without my two boys, running around chasing each other, and attacking the pretend monster (who seems to be in every corner of the house these days!!). Now that would be perfect:)

For now, I'm just grateful that my husband has let me take over the dining table completely. My kids have become accustomed to all the stuff that is tempting enough to touch, but keep away from it. My older son and I bond over some stamping and craft making quite often, and those really are the best moments. Especially when he says, "Amma, you cannot touch my crayons because they are expensive!". 

I'd better get to the point before the deadline for the challenge is over!! This card is for the Color Throwdown #77 Challenge. The colours required were Elegant Eggplant, Baja Breeze and Certainly Celery (I love how everything in life is food related!!). Honestly, I didn't have any supplies with those specific names on them, so I looked for the closest that I could find. And this is what I made.......

I used one of my favourite SU stamps and of course, my beloved butterfly punch. I really like the colours the team has thrown at us this week. They would actually be a great combination for a bedroom or even a bathroom. Hmmmm, I'm thinking craft room even!!! Anyway, I'm off to watch the Grammy's now. Haven't been watching much TV lately, since I've started stamping. Which is a good thing. But there are some guilty pleasures that I can't let go off. Good night and Namaste!!

Just a little note to say....

I have so many Valentine's Day cards made for different challenges and I have no idea what to do with them!!! I might as well start making a list of all the special people in my life and send them one. And there are so many of them; friends, cousins, my husband, of course.... The list is really long when I think of all those who've affected my life positively and whom I'm so thankful for. Isn't that a wonderful feeling? When you can sit back with your eyes closed, and all these beautiful faces float by in your mind, reminding you of how precious and special life is with them? 

I sat down in the afternoon and looked through my scraps to make a mini card for the Finally Friday Challenge at the Kwerner Design Blog. I decided to not to have any hearts on my card, since I wanted to make it versatile enough to give anyone.

I actually found the basket of flowers all stamped, coloured and cut out, sitting in my bowl of "valuable" scraps, and went ahead used it. The ribbon is a pretty pink, but looks a little different because of the lighting. I stamped the sentiment in white ink, so it would pop against the purple and coordinate with the white flowers on the DP. There's something about flowers that make me smile, and I think this is probably one of my favourite cards so far! I need to go sing to my fussy 19 month old now.....Namaste!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

My little artist in the making!

I have to brag a little about my almost 4 year old son. He helped me make this card for our friend's son's first birthday today. I helped him stamp the image, and he did such a great job with the colouring. He's not the best in his preschool class when it comes to colouring images. In fact, most of the time, it looks like something run over by a truck!! But this.....this was definitely a work of art!!

(Please note how he's managed to colour "inside the lines"!!!)

And now, moving onto my blog entries.... (Gosh, I sound like the host of a shopping network!!). 

The PPA27 Snowflake Challenge made me pull out my SU Snowflake stamp and coordinating sentiment after a long time. As usual, I just jumped into the process without a sketch in mind, and initially came up with a card, that was really unsatisfactory. And then, while I was patting my little one to sleep, I actually pictured what I wanted on my card. I guess, sometimes just sitting in the dark with my eyes closed is what I need to do for inspiration! 

I know it's not the most unique card, but it looked better than the first one. 

I'm amazed at the multitude of talented stampers and crafters (if there is such a word!) out there!! Each time, I click on a link, it takes me to someone's blog that has a "wow" factor. I never imagine being a part of an online community that is so vibrant and creative. Thank you all for allowing and inspiring me to discover myself!! Namaste!!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

More hearts coming your way!!

I really must get to bed, but I decided I could spare a few minutes to enter this card in two challenges: Our Creative Corner: Sketch Challenge (SASSC50) and Just Add Ink Challenge 2 (Just Add Hearts).

I received my Gina K Stamps yesterday and put them to use immediately. Feeling a little brain-dead right now, so will sign off with a "Namaste"!!

Stamping Marathon!!

Yup, I definitely had the stamping bug yesterday. I sat down to tackle one challenge and ended up creating 3 cards. I actually forgot to watch 'American Idol' (which I never ever do!!), but my wonderful husband remembered to record it for me. I can't believe how much television I've given up since I've started stamping and card making. It is truly such a therapeutic experience for me, and I love how each card emerges gradually while I'm playing around with my supplies.

This first one is for the Color Q Challenge #17, and I used the sketch from the Tuesday Morning Sketches Challenge #30.

I would love to do another one, combining both challenges and do a little more stamping. Depends on how much time I have.

The next two are for 2 Sketches 4 You (Laura's Sketch 44). I really enjoyed this simple sketch. I'm still waiting to buy a great die-cutting machine, so I can get those scalloped circles and ovals. I have a feeling I might add those to all my cards, once I'm able to make them!! They're so pretty and give the card such character.

I recently purchased a butterfly punch and I'm a little obsessed with it, since all my recent cards seem to have at least one butterfly on them!! Yes, I'd promised myself not to purchase anymore stamping supplies but I happened to be at JoAnn's the other day, and I caved in. Bought myself some gorgeous card stock as well, which I've used in all 3 cards above.

Need to start working on cards for my son's class soon. Don't want to overwhelm the kids with too much candy. Thinking I might throw in some cute stickers they could use in the gift bag. Well, I'm off to attack my other challenges....and use the butterfly punch again:). Namaste!!!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Pretty Simple

Sticking with the "less is more" resolution, I was thrilled at how this card turned out for the Play Date Cafe Challenge (PDCC13).

It took me a while to cut out the flowers and I'm hoping I find a punch for that stamp soon. But I love the final outcome. I'm still working on trying to get a better pic of my projects. Honestly, I didn't have a particular occasion in mind when I chose the sticker sentiment, but somehow, it just seemed to fit in with the flowers and the colours. I'm thinking this card would be great with different coloured hearts instead of the flowers as well. Will give it a try for a red heart challenge.

My son and I have been making birthday cards for all his friends. It not only keeps him busy but is allowing him to explore his creative side. He loves playing with his little stamp set of animals and flowers, and "writing" with his sticky letters. I wonder if my 19 month old will join us soon. I have a strange feeling, he might end up seeing how far he can toss the stamps, instead of using them for their real purpose!! Got to love their different personalities, huh!! Got to run now and get lunch ready. Namaste!!!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Recycling with love

Growing up in an Indian culture, recycling and reusing became such an integral part of growing up. We are known to turn jam jars, pasta bottles, and milk bottles into ideal food storage containers. Old clothes are cut up and stitched into soft comforters. Coffee grinds are used to enhance the colour of henna on our palms and strained tea leaves are added to the soil of potted roses, nurturing them.

It is with this same idea in mind that I thought the Paper Pals Challenge (PPA26) - Anything BUT a Card, would be a great way to add a little love to the Sunsweet Ones Pitted Prunes container. (By the way, if you haven't tried these already, run to the store right now and get them. They are absolutely delicious and my preschooler eats them like candy!!). Since I'm still fairly new to the world of stamping, I've been mostly making cards, but this was a great way to think outside the box (literally!!).

I decided to keep it very simple since the card stock was so pretty and I didn't really want to take away from it. Plus, I will confess that it was a little challenging for me because of the curved nature of the container:). I decorated the top as well, keeping it simple again.

Not sure if you can read the words around the heart, but it's one of my favourite SU stamps. I'm still uncertain who the recipient of this container would be. Would love to give it to the husband, filled with candy, but knowing him, he might finish it all in one night, and that would not bode well with his tummy!! Will sleep over it. Namaste!!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Late night inspired..

So I decide that I'm not sleepy enough after the Saints defeat the Vikings. My husband naturally thinks I'm completely nuts, but I realise I have only an hour before Color Q Challenge #16 closes. So here's the final product...

I must apologise for the quality of the picture. I couldn't seem to hold the camera still enough to get a good one, but I'm hoping this suffices. I tried to match the colours as much as possible. The only stamping ink I had was Pumpkin Pie, but I think the card stock fits in for the other colours. Well, not bad for a late night project, huh? And I'm off to bed; looking forward to another adventurous week with my two boys. Namaste!

More for Valentine's!!

The sketch from Tuesday Morning Sketches #29 made think a little outside the box. Typically, I tend to center everything on my card, but I decided to try something a little different.

I really have to work on the lighting in my room but hopefully you can see the shading I've done on the flower with my crayons and blender pens. I don't consciously aim at doing a Valentine's card, but somehow I think because everyone is writing and talking about it, it translates onto my cards. Nothing wrong with a little extra love, huh? I have to get started my preschooler's cards for his cards. Not sure what I'm going to make yet, but I know I'm keeping it real simple. Less is more, right? Namaste!!

Pretty in Pink

My preschooler insists that I must love the colour pink since I'm a girl! It is a pretty colour, I must admit, but I've never taken to it since I strongly feel it doesn't suit my Indian skin tone. Crazy 4 Challenges (C4C21) made me dig out all the pink stuff I had stored away!!!

It really is a simple card but I think it sends the message across with all those hearts!!! Have a great rest of the weekend, everyone and Namaste!!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Oh, ribbon, where art thou???

If I don't get some ribbon by the end of next week, I'm seriously staging a protest!! I don't think anyone at home would really care. My husband thinks I have way too much stuff on the craft table anyway. It is a mess right now, I must confess, but I call it "the creativity in chaos" zone (You're allowed to laugh at that!!). My older son might actually be quite thrilled with the ribbon, since he can practice his scissor skills on them. Well, the bottom line is that I'd better get to some place quick and buy me some ribbon!

My card today is for the 2 Sketches 4 You Challenge (Kazan's Sketch 44). I really loved all the cards created by the 2S4Y Design Team. I thought I would try a new technique called "crayon resist", which you can learn more about on Stamp TV with Gina K. Designs. This card qualifies for the Blast From the Past Challenge stvbpss07 as well. 

I really enjoyed trying out this technique. I'm not sure if you can tell the braiding in the ribbon on the left of the flowers. I thought I would try something new. I really like how the brads pop on the flowers. Which reminds me that I need a paper piercer as well, because I always end up with sore fingers from using the end of a pair of scissors!! Another item on the wish list...sigh! 

I had the pleasure of giving a friend one of my cards for her birthday yesterday, and it was truly heartwarming to see the expression on her face. She was really impressed with the fact that I had taken the time to actually make it. And just that look on her face and her smile was so rewarding. Well, fellow stampers, keep stamping and keep inspiring me. And thanks again for taking the time to visit my blog. Namaste!! 

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Two words - many occasions

I really enjoy the Mojo Monday challenges, and this one was no different. So Mojo Monday week 122 had a great sketch by Mary Fish. I think I'm the 260th entry or something!!! I'm hoping Julee won't have a visual overload by the time she gets to my card!!

I have a serious dearth of ribbon. I just have a few kinds which I acquired during my scrap booking frenzy 5 years ago. I definitely need more ribbon!! I decided to go with the "For You" sentiment instead of the usual "Happy Valentine's Day' because it was short and sweet and kind of personal. The great part about the sentiment is that I realised it makes the card so versatile. Hmmm, I might give to to my friend for her birthday tomorrow. Isn't that great? Just being able to pick a card from my pile of creations, instead of rushing to the store and buying some generic stuff? I love it!!

From mundane to marvelous!

So when I saw the picture of the TV stand on Everything But the Kitchen Sink Sketch Challenge 3, I really wasn't sure where designer Lynnette was headed. But then looking at the actual sketch, I realised what a cool way to be inspired! I'm going to be looking at my microwave oven in a whole new light from now on!!!

Here's my take on the sketch.

I will admit that I'm not too thrilled about the dullness of the photo, but if you take a closer look  you'll notice that the card stock is really pretty. The butterfly stamp, sentiment and decorative punch are all SU acquisitions, which I loved using. At the moment, I'm quite content with tracing and cutting out the heart, but I know that soon I will be yearning for a die-cutting machine. Saving up for that big but absolutely necessary purchase!! Since I used the punches, I'm entering this card in Creative Card Crew: Challenge 43 (Punch It!).

I really need to get more card stock. Every time I run over to Target, I'm glancing at all the supplies they have in the scrap booking section, and it's so hard not pick up a little something. I have to resist, I have to resist!!! Anyway, this month is almost over, which means I can order more stuff from SU and other websites soon. Can hardly wait!!! Yup, I'm a husband's nightmare right now! Except, he can't help but smile at my creations, and feel proud of me (Awwwww!!). Got to finish another card for a birthday tomorrow. G'night and Namaste!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

So blue!

I decided to take on  PDCC12 mainly because I'd never really used different shades of blue on a card before. I really like what I've created, because I've managed to stick with the whole "less is more" resolution for the year (Hurrah for me!!). This card was really easy to make but I think the beauty is in its simplicity.

Share the love!!

I think I'm getting into the stamping flow of things these days. It almost seems natural to wander to my craft table every free moment I have. And that I have lots of these days, since my wonderful father is visiting from India, and keeping the kids busy!! Honestly, the only reason I'm able to churn out so many cards in a week is because "Mr. Mom" is here with us.

So here's my card for the TESC #98.

 I somehow can't stop using this absolutely gorgeous card stock made by K&Company ( series). The large flower and sentiment are both SU stamps. I used watercolour crayons and a blender pen to colour in the flower. I still need a lot more practice with the whole shading thing, but I'm getting there, ladies, I'm getting there!!

I was over at my friend's home yesterday, so the kids could play. I brought over my supplies so I could introduce my scrap-booking pal to a little stamping. I surprised myself and her when I created a really sweet card in less than 15 minutes. Well, she's discovered another hobby now. And I am more than thrilled to share these crafting moments with such a dear friend.

Thanks for stopping by. Namaste!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Last one in line....

Arrrgh! Just missed the deadline for the Mojo Monday Week 121 challenge. Anyway, there's always next time, right!! I'm not much of a Valentine's Day person but I thought these colours were really pretty. That's it for tonight. Namaste!!

Sunday is Craft Day!!

Tomorrow is "just another manic Monday"....actually not quite, since my son has the day off from school. Which means, I don't have to get out of my PJ's as soon as I'm out of bed. Which also means, I can get some stamping done. Hurrah!!! I have to let you know that the stamping camp at Marci's was absolutely wonderful!! I made some new friends, created four beautiful Valentine's Day themed cards, and acquired some stamp sets that Marci was selling. Plus, I received my SU supplies the other day. I must have created at least 4 cards today with all the great stuff from Stampin' Up!!!

This is my card for the Inspiration Challenge at Pal Paper Arts (PPA25). The layout was based on a sketch at Our Creative Corner. I'd actually created another card for PPA25 but when I looked at this one, I thought it might actually work with the whole blog candy colours.

I am extremely pleased to say that I got to use my SU supplies for the flower. The card stock is from a collection by K&Company who teamed with Beautiful collection!! The ribbon and sentiment is something from my scrap-booking stash. Here's a close-up of the flower, which I'm really proud of. I used crayons from the Earth Elements Watercolor collection and a blender pen (both SU).The scalloped edges were created with a punch I got as a freebie with my purchase from the Stampin' Up Sale-A-Bration event!! I've been punchin' away all day with it!!

I'm so looking forward to doing more cards like this with the crayons. Can't wait for tomorrow!! If you're stopping by my blog, please feel free to leave any comments or advice. I would love to hear from you all!! Namaste!!!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Less is more!!!

I have made it my resolution this year that I will simplify my life. And that includes my perspective on card-making and stamping as well. I usually have a tendency to fill up any space left on a card, which ends up looking like a colour stampede on paper. Not always a pretty sight!! Well, after creating approximately 50 cards or so, I can finally say that I have achieved my goal with the card below!! The card I've created qualifies for 5 different challenges....I know!!!! This is really my first attempt at being able to combine so many criteria on one card, but I must say that I'm quite proud of the end result. So here's my card, followed by the different challenges it's linked to...

Don't you just love the little froggy? Anyway, the first challenge was a birthday card for the Crazy for Challenges (C4C19).

The next one is the Just Us Girls #15 - A Technique Challenge, which required me to add stitching to my project. Well, I'm hoping the three buttons stitched on counts!!!

The Tuesday Morning Sketches #28 required me to use buttons AND bows on my card.

The Color Q Challenge #15 had a beautiful set of colours to play with, and this challenge was actually what I initially began working on. The palette was Basic Gray, Barely Banana, Certainly Celery, Pumpkin Pie and plain ol' white. I think the colours are pretty close to what was expected.

Finally, I'm pretty confident this card qualifies for the challenge at Our Creative Corner, which was to make something 3D.

Well, I need to get back to working on some more challenges!!! Still waiting on my SU supplies and getting a little antsy, but I know they should be here by the end of the week. Believe me, stamping isn't just about patience and dedication, but being money savvy as well. It's allowing me to use my creativity with the few tools that I have, while rewarding me with my new buys gradually. Now if I won the lottery tomorrow, would I spend it all on stamping supplies? One never knows:) Good night for now and Namaste!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Dotty about designs!!

I decided to take on the Crazy 4 Challenge#18 today - Polka dots!!! I'm not so crazy about wearing them, but I must admit that dots on a card do give it another dimension altogether. The whole layering process also allowed me to enter this card in the ABC Challenge: 'L is for...Layering'.  I used the brightest card stock that I'd bought from JoAnn, which I had initially intended on using for my scrap booking (which unfortunately is now sitting in a dusty corner somewhere:( ). Even though I had a sketch from one of the Mojo Monday challenges to follow, I kind of went around in circles for the first one hour (Get it? Dots, circles, etc, etc. Ha ha!!) .Anyway, at one point I decided not to put too much thought into it and the final product turned out quite sweet. Guess, going with the flow is exactly what I need to continue doing!!

Don't you just love the bright colours!! I've discovered so many more websites where I can get ideas and post my entries. This is all so exciting for me, since I'm finally getting to share my talent with everyone. Of course, it's mind-boggling the kind of creativity floating around on the internet. Seriously inspiring!!! What's great is that each card you or someone else creates has a different personality. There really is no right or wrong. Well, that's my spiel for now!! Got to run....Namaste!!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

I "heart" you!!

Becky Fleck's Caardvarks Card Sketch forced me to create a Valentine's Day Card! I really love the simplicity in the design. The Caardvarks Gallery had some really great interpretations. I found the brightest card stock I could find, and threw in some punched hearts, along with some brads.

I really love the colours on this card, and can't wait to create more cards with the sketch.  I think I'm all stamped out for tonight!!! My husband believes I would be card-making all night if I could!!! He's probably right!! But reality calls in the form of a talkative preschooler, and an energetic toddler, so I must rush off. Good night, and Namaste!!

Starry starry night

O.K, so this week's design host, Sandi, on the Play Date Cafe Challenge #11, wanted us to add some glitz to our design with gold and silver, with black and white thrown in. It's strange that I've never thought of this combination before. Again, going back to the whole "less is more", which I seriously need to work on!! It's amazing what results these 4 colours can create. For some reason, I thought of the night sky with all its twinkly stars. This is my representation for the challenge.....

Ideally, if I had all the right tools and supplies, I would have loved to do some gold embossing on the black. Got to love that combo!!! But for now, I have to be content with my sparkly gold paper!!! Can't wait for my SU supplies to arrive next week!! I should be able to create some lovely effects with color pencils. Till then, Namaste!!!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Color Challenged!

I came across Kristina Werner's blog while making my way through stamping paradise on the internet. I decided to take up her Color Inspiration Challenge #57. I intended to use more stamps but ended up creating this card with the different card stock that I had.

Hopefully with the arrival of my new stamping supplies next week, I will be able to create a better finish on each card. Most of my supplies are from the JoAnn craft store, but I'm looking forward to using my Stampin' Up stuff and ordering more supplies from other stamping sites such as Taylored Expressions, etc.

As you can tell from my blog layout, there is still so much lacking. Any comments, advice, suggestions are welcome. Namaste!!!

Fresh off the boat onto Stampin' Land!!!

  Hello, fellow stampers!! I think I'm finally creating my own niche in this world. I'm not a stamping demonstrator of any kind; having just begun stamping a few months ago. The main objective initially was to create Christmas cards for all my friends and family, and that process has gradually developed a life of its own. I'm still working on collecting all the necessary paraphernalia required; that being an endless list, of course, with all the great stuff out there. But I attempt each day to create what I can with my limited resources!!
                                                                                      This is a card I decided to create for the Pals Paper Arts Challenge 24; my very first entry in a stamping contest of any kind (Hurray for me!!). My entry probably won't even qualify since not all my supplies are from Stampin' Up, but I thought I would give it a shot:).

The various card-stocks used are from The Holiday Collection - The Christmas Cardstock Stack and Citrus Mat Stack; both made by the Die Cuts With a View Company and available at any JoAnn craft store. The flower was created with the Best Wishes & More stamp set (SU product!), by stamping in a basic red from a Rubber Stampede Dye Based Ink Pad Set (JoAnn). The stem was created by partially stamping the Of the Earth flower stamp (SU product), using a gold Permapaque opaque pigment marker (JoAnn), and the leaf was a stamp from the Hero Arts Ink n' Stamp Nature Set (JoAnn), using the same gold marker. I also used the marker to outline two of the frames.

Now here comes the best part; to create the effect in the oval around the flower (which I traced using an oval earring box!), I made my own sponge dauber, using a make-up sponge round, and a thin elastic band. I used the same red as the flower for the edges. The scalloped edges were done with the Clouds Fiskars Paper Edger and the message is two stickers from the Classic K Bailey Phrases & Decorations embossed sheet. These products are also available at JoAnn. And before you start wondering if I'm trying to sneak in an endorsement for the craft store, I want to let you know that I've just ordered some new supplies from SU and intend on creating a complete SU card!!! Oh, and all the pieces were inked with a brown from the Ink n' Stamp set.

I'm looking forward to an SU camp with demonstrator Marci Cyphert on Jan 16th. Hoping to learn lots of new techniques and tips. And I'm also hoping that by the end of the year, I should have enough and more SU products:). For those of you who've taken the time to check out my blog (still in the making), thanks for stopping by and let me know what you think. And before I sign off, I have to thank Tiffany Miller, an  SU demonstrator, who helped me start off my journey into the stamping world. Dhanyawad (thank you) and Namaste!!!