Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Thinking out of the box

I decided to do away with my paper cutter for a while, and tear instead. I have to admit that it was not only therapeutic but allowed me to look over inconsistencies in lines. I had attempted to make a card for the Play Date Cafe Challenge (PDCC14), but wasn't happy with it at all. I was really challenged by the colours (orange, lilac, dusky pink, dark green & white). Well, let's just say that the lilac and dusky pink kind of threw me off. So, I put away my stuff and forgot about it for a while. 

I browsed through my stash again today, when I realised that the deadline for the challenge was tonight. So I went with the tearing. And I was also inspired to bring out my sewing machine and use it. 

This really is a toned down version of the colours displayed on the challenge page, but I kind of just went with it. I know that white was a colour requirement, and I noticed that it was actually in the areas where the paper was torn, so I didn't add the colour specifically. Thinking I'll take a short nap before my little one wakes up. Namaste.


  1. I had trouble with the dusky pink too, on mine! This is fab, well done for perservering with the challenge.

  2. Beautiful use of this week's Play Date colors...they were not easy but THIS is terrific!

  3. Love your card--the colors are just lovely! So glad you could play along with us at The Cafe' this week!