Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Just 3 colours!

I really love the Play Date Cafe Challenge this week (PDCC17). The card required just 3 simple colours, red, brown and linen. I stuck with exactly that....plain, red, plain brown, and well, linen. 

I realised too late that I could have done some stitching but I'll have to save that for another card. I must apologise for the smudges on the vellum. I need to find a glue that doesn't show. The pic below is a little yellow because.....I made the same mistake of clicking at night:( 

O.K, one of my favourite shows is on tonight, and I'm all set to stretch my legs, sip on a cup of hot tea, and listen to some great singing. Namaste!


  1. So glad to have you along in The Cafe once again....I am always a sucker for ribbon on cards : )

  2. I only remembered I had that ribbon and could have used it 'after' I'd made my entry! Thanks for playing along at the Play Date Cafe