Sunday, February 21, 2010

Colours and Patterns

I really have to stop taking pics of my cards at night. Firstly, the colours look all wrong, and secondly,...... the colours look all wrong!!! I end up finishing a card just minutes away from the deadline, which is invariably after sunset. And considering it's winter at the moment, there is no way I can get any kind of natural lighting after 5 pm. Oh well, like I keep mentioning in my blogs, I have a lot to learn. 

I created a card after dinner for the The Colour Throwdown #80 (light green, rust and burgundy), using the sketch from Card Positioning Systems #155 (Part 1). The ribbon used really is a burgundy colour, really, really, really!!! I know it looks more red and that's because of...refer to paragraph one, please! I didn't mess around too much with the sketch and interpreted it as I saw it. 

So, tomorrow we're expecting rain showers instead of the humongous amounts of snow we received last week. I'll take the rain any day over the frozen stuff. The weather was actually beautiful today, and we all ventured out in our snow gear to play with the neighbours in their backyard. Did a little snow tubing down their hill, threw snowballs at each other, and now I'm a certified Midwesterner!!! Hmm, might even try a little ice-skating before the season is over!! I'll let you know:) Namaste!


  1. Very pretty! I love the background and the beautiful springy flowers! We are due to get rain, too, to wash away buckets & buckets of snow, hopefully! Thanks for playing the CTD with us!

  2. Very pretty! Thanks for playing the Throwdown!

  3. Lovely job on this. Thank you for playing along with the Color Throwdown.

  4. Really pretty texture to this card...lovely.

    Hope you will stop by Julie's Open Window and sign on to follow...getting ready to offer some fabulous tutorials for my followers.